EBA Negative Equity

Bryan, as we affectionately call him, has a fantastic temperament and athletic build. He has sired some lovely correct babies. Unfortunately as the aim is to produce spotty we made the difficult decision to have him cut in 2009 as his colour production left a bit to be desired. We have retained him and he will now look forward to an Eventing career and enjoy the company of being in the herd with our Livery’s horses.


Nugget Again APHC 216228
Move Over Nugget GC/S/324 APHC T-276213
Move Over Baby APHC 218641
Negative Nugget GC/S/1044 APHC 512595
Klaus PR/S/27 APHC T-254635
Havana of Rivaz GD/M/223 APHC T-286648
Anneck of Nashend X00669 APHC T-286500
EBA Negative Equity GB/B/3132
Rivaz Oracle GD/G/638 APHC 508522
Calico Comanchie GD/S/1171 APHC 526718
Calico Surprise PR/M/187 APHC 519957
EBA Blanc de Blanc GC/M/2979
Cochice II GD/D/695 APHC 515003
EBA Adnromeda GC/M/1053 APHC 526421
East Barton Electra NCD/M/845 APHCN-526738